Interim Management

Interim Financial Aid Director

The director of financial aid is a key position, and turnover can disrupt a school’s overall operations. Under our interim management services, we will assign an experienced consultant to serve as an interim director or fill another supervisory position, helping ensure uninterrupted financial aid services for your students and continued leadership for your staff until a permanent replacement is in place.

Our consultants are all full-time employees (not contract workers) with former on-campus experience, typically at the director or associate director level. On average, each of our consultants has approximately 20 years of work experience in financial aid or student accounts. We can also assist with the recruitment and selection of a permanent replacement, and design a transition plan for the new director.

Interim Staffing/Processing Support

Need extra help during a peak financial aid processing season? Along with our interim management service, our consultants are available to work on site or  remotely to assist with short-term financial aid processing tasks.

Many schools have to do more these days with less staff. While hiring permanent staff may not be feasible, you don’t have to sacrifice quality student service especially during busy times of the year. Our trained financial aid professionals can step in and help you get over the hurdle of processing backlogs by providing knowledgeable, short-term staffing assistance—helping to ensure the delivery of financial aid funds for your students.